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Cahir O’ Doherty

Goin’ Back

Buy the Cahir O’ Doherty-Goin’ Back CD for 15.00, includes S/H

Goin’ Back contains songs Cahir heard in his formative years when he was growing up in his father’s pub or listening to his uncle Matt before he started singing rock and blues.

It is a retrospective look at his childhood influences in Ireland before he came to America and is an insight into the man and his music.

As with all his recordings, the album includes some of his own compositions which are always very popular – Kirkinriola and Wanderin’ Willie.

Goin Back 01 Come down the Mountain Katie Daly
Goin Back 02 The Moonshiner
Goin Back 03 Colcannon
Goin Back 04 Kirkinriola
Goin Back 05 Three Old Drunken Maidens
Goin Back 06 The Ramblin Irishman
Goin Back 07 The Barnyards Of Delgaty

Goin Back 08 Poem The Immortality Ode
Goin Back 09 Goin Back
Goin Back 10 Eileen Og
Goin Back 11 The Last House on our Street
Goin Back 11 The Last House on our Street
Goin Back 12 Poem Wee Hughie
Goin Back 14 The Pictures